Five reasons to travel while you’re still young

Youngsters often hold off travel plans until they are a little matured, have enough funds to support themselves. From being broke to being too busy, many young folks come up with a range of excused to cancel travel plans. Having said that, traveling while you’re young can be a plus point in many different ways. In fact the pros often outweigh cons. So are you looking for good reasons to feed the travel bug in you? We’ve got you covered.

Learn and explore

Not a big fan of history and geography? A single trip to ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura or Agra will take you by surprise. Traveling, with all its charming sights and scenes, is by far the best way out there to learn about the world and to watch history come alive. May it be history, geography, politics or economy, travelling is better than listening to a lecture or reading a text book inside a classroom.

Feel blessed

Admit it, we have taken way too many things for granted and we forget to count our blessings and be thankful for simple pleasures in life. But a short walk through slums in Metro Manila and Mumbai will give you plenty of reasons to be thankful and will make you realize how blessed you are. Watching poverty and famine unfold right in front of your eyes will compel you to give back to the society and changes the way you look at the work outside. Travel makes you embrace and look beyond fear. Travelling makes you humble.

Make you independent

Travelling in your 20s is different to the family trip you made to Disneyland four years back. Your parents won’t be around to tell which turn to make. Travelling makes you take a step away from you comfort zone. From deciding on the route to take to where to dine, travelling is the best way to out yourself into real-life situations and empowers you to tackle new situation.

Find yourself

Feeling lost and out of place is not a novel thought to us youngsters. Thankfully, travelling gives the time you need to focus on yourself and make positive changes in life. Travelling is a journey of self-discovery. Get lost and find yourself.

Life is uncertain

Many younger people prioritize education, work, family and marriage over the quest to travel. However, none of us are guaranteed of old age. So travel while you have time and energy. Live life with no regrets.


Find yourself in solitude: four reasons why you should travel solo at least once

Let’s face it. At one point or another, we all wanted to leave everything behind, buy a one way ticket and get lost in a place no one can find us.  Surely life cannot be all about cramming for a final paper, meeting presentation deadlines and paying bills. You can certainly stay within your comfort zone and continue doing what you do every day for the rest of your life. But ever wondered what happens the moment you step out of your safe bubble? Here’s something different you could do to break away from your routine. Travel solo! And these are four reasons to plan your solo trip now.

Step out of your comfort zone

Comfort zone is a safe place to be. But magic happens the moment you step out. Travelling is an excellent way to expose yourself to different ways of life. But travelling solo is one of the most eye-opening experiences out there. Bargaining with street venders in Bangkok, snorkeling with sea turtles in Seychelles, kayaking in Bali can be intimidating. But being exposed to and absorbing what lies outside your comfort zone is a beautiful thing to experience.

Reconnect with yourself

Remove distractions, forget deadlines and meetings, leave responsibilities behind and let go of the need to be you best. When you travel solo, you learn to become comfortable in your own skin; you reconnect with the person that lies beneath the labels the society place on you. You live beyond what society expects from you. Travelling solo often puts things in perspective, and will give you the right amount of ‘me’ time you desperately need to focus on what matters.

You heal

So you had your heart broken, quarter life crisis hit you early and you’re back in square one? Walk away from the city traffic. Take a break and travel far. Learn a tip or two on how to be happy and content from locals you meet on your way. Observe and analyses your thoughts and emotions in isolation. Lick old sore spots and survive the pain you try hard to ignore. A self-healing solo journey is an excellent way to come into peace with yourself. Let go of regrets, forgive yourself, redeem forgotten lessons and rediscover yourself.

Love yourself

Accept your flaws. Accept you for who you are. Jump into waterfalls, trek through a rainforest in flip-flops, try new things. Seek new landscape and meet yourself. Solo travel is a pilgrimage of self-discovery that makes you master the art of self-care.

Is your body detox long overdue?

We often overlook symptoms to be an ordinary human condition, we things we all experience regularly. Watch out if these symptoms visits you more often than they should. Feeling tired too often, getting constipated too regularly or feeling tensed? Looks like your body detox is long overdue. Detoxing may not fix all your symptoms, but it certainly can improve the situation.


Feeling tired

Feeling exhausted after eight hours of sleep? Depending on caffeine to keep you awake all day? This is probably because your detox is long past its due date. Toxins place extra stress on your body, making you feel exhausted and out of shape. Energy drinks and espresso shots is no more than an instant fix. A detox can erase out the toxins that prevent you from feeling energized.


Stiff muscles and sore joints

Unless you’ve been over doing your cross fit schedule or started a new gym plan recently, those stiff muscles and sore joints are an indication of toxic overload. Unless you flus these toxins out, they pile up in many places making your joints and muscles sore. Next time you wake up and feel like you’ve been hit by a bus, know it’s time for a body detox.



Although we all have sleepless nights once in a while, regular insomnia usually point towards toxic overloading and hormonal imbalance. When your body is kept in an unnatural state constantly, which is usually the case if your body is overloaded with toxins, you may find yourself out of sync with the usual way of life. This will result in you staying up till mid night or waking up past your usual time, or feeling you need more sleep than your usual sleeping hours.


Regular headaches

The cause behind headaches are easy to figure out. But what if you are experiencing regular unexplained headaches? Your body is probably trying to indicate a higher than usual toxic load. Headaches are a pretty easy way to know that something is not quite right.



Our feelings mostly depends on how we feed our system. While certain food can list our spirits up, depriving your body of important nutrients can leave you feeling low. By consuming low quality non organic food for years, you are unknowingly feeding your system with toxins that affect your body functions. These toxins hamper the absorption of important nutrients, making you feel exhausted and stressed out. However, there is a clear difference between feeling low and clinical depression. If you feel it’s the latter, it is important to get specialized help.



Maldives in Budget! Yes it’s possible

White sands, turquoise seas, perfect islands and grandeur resorts; Maldives is the definition of luxury travelling. But don’t rule out Maldives if you are on a tight budget. These Indian Ocean islands have more to offer than lavish water bungalows and expensive island resorts. No one can deny the fact that Maldives Island dominates the market of high end private island resorts with a matching price tag. Yet it has a different experience than a luxury water villa at a bargain. This is how you could make your dream trip to Paradise Island without raiding your piggybank.

Getting there

A ticket to paradise can cost a fortune if you are flying directly from the Americas or Europe. But if you are in Asia, you are already holing a trump card. Regional airlines often offer reasonable fares to Male. Cheap tickets can be found on Sri Lanka Airlines via Colombo, AirAsia via Kuala Lumpur or on Emirates via Dubai. Try travelling to Maldives as an addition to another Asian destination such as India, Malaysia or Sri Lanka.

Where to stay

In 2009, along with the change in administration, Maldives allowed locals to open guesthouses, triggering an increase in budget accommodation. Though hostels and dorms are yet to find its way to Maldives, a private double room with breakfast in a local island such as Hulhumale can be easily found for as less as $40 a night or even less during off season. Look up for budget accommodation options on Agoda or Airbnb. Most guesthouse owners have previous experiences in resorts, and will know how to cater to guests needs professionally. If you are looking for an authentic Maldivian experience, a local guesthouse is the best option out there.

Where to eat

You will not have a hard time finding a local restaurant serving local cuisine in the city. While western food isn’t hard to find, local restaurants serve grilled fish, flat breads called Roshi and decent portions of rice with curry for less than $10. However, if you are in a local island outside Male Atoll, you may have trouble finding restaurants. Guesthouses in local islands often include meal prices in their room rates.

What to do

Maldives is known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise seas. But this Paradise Island offer more than sunbathing. Water sports in Maldives are second to none. From snorkeling, scuba diving to parasailing, local islands offer water sports at a bargain. And for those yearning for a resort experience, local guesthouses organize day tours for resorts at discounted rates.

Few things to remember

Maldives is a Muslim country and if you are staying in a local island pay attention to Muslim way of life. Although alcohol and bikinis are allowed in resort islands, these are prohibited in local islands. Most guest houses offer fairly good Wi-Fi so you shouldn’t have trouble snapchatting perfect moments from your sunny getaway.

Kickstart your day right: Three simple tips for a healthy morning routine

Part of a productive morning is to fine-tune what you do as you wake up. The mix of morning routines are plenty, so whether your mornings are usually made of uncertain random events or if you already have a fixed flow of activities, it never hurts to make few changes in your morning routine to the most of your morning and make a productive launch pad into the rest of the day. These are three simple healthy ideas to incorporate to your morning routine and your body will thank you in the long run.


Stimulate your viscera

Drinking a glass of warm lemon detox water as you wake up is the best way to wake your body up. Lemon water is an excellent way to lubricate your internal organs and set your mood for the rest of the day. Citric acid in lemon activates bile and proper stomach acid production, and this helps to rehydrate your body and flush the digestive system, cleansing your liver, making your body perform its tasks effectively. By improving digestion, lemon water makes your skin clean and healthy.  Vitamin C in lemon boost your immune system and stimulates adrenaline glands, resulting in reducing effects of stress. Lemon water is also assist in weight loss


Do a simple workout routine

A simple stretching or yoga routine, or a small walk in the morning is a perfect way to wake up your muscles and prepare them to what lies ahead of you. Pay attention to your body. Reshape stretching exercises to be in sync with what your body want. If you don’t exercise regularly, practice a simple morning stretching routine until your body gets used to it, and try your hand at a simple yoga routine. Working out as soon as your alarm ring gets your stimulates your metabolism, improves your mental ability and pumps extra energy to keep you active all day long.


Don’t skip breakfast

A healthy breakfast is one of the best morning routines you can have! This helps you to kick start your metabolism and gives you the right amount of energy you need to keep going all day. Taking your breakfast within two hours after you wake up provides the right amount of nutrients your brain needs to function, and improves your cognitive functions and lift up your spirit.  A healthy balanced breakfast helps in weight control and improves concentration and physical endurance. If you’re trying to trying to cut down on your food intake, try going easy on dinner and not on breakfast.