Five reasons to travel while you’re still young

Youngsters often hold off travel plans until they are a little matured, have enough funds to support themselves. From being broke to being too busy, many young folks come up with a range of excused to cancel travel plans. Having said that, traveling while you’re young can be a plus point in many different ways. In fact the pros often outweigh cons. So are you looking for good reasons to feed the travel bug in you? We’ve got you covered.

Learn and explore

Not a big fan of history and geography? A single trip to ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura or Agra will take you by surprise. Traveling, with all its charming sights and scenes, is by far the best way out there to learn about the world and to watch history come alive. May it be history, geography, politics or economy, travelling is better than listening to a lecture or reading a text book inside a classroom.

Feel blessed

Admit it, we have taken way too many things for granted and we forget to count our blessings and be thankful for simple pleasures in life. But a short walk through slums in Metro Manila and Mumbai will give you plenty of reasons to be thankful and will make you realize how blessed you are. Watching poverty and famine unfold right in front of your eyes will compel you to give back to the society and changes the way you look at the work outside. Travel makes you embrace and look beyond fear. Travelling makes you humble.

Make you independent

Travelling in your 20s is different to the family trip you made to Disneyland four years back. Your parents won’t be around to tell which turn to make. Travelling makes you take a step away from you comfort zone. From deciding on the route to take to where to dine, travelling is the best way to out yourself into real-life situations and empowers you to tackle new situation.

Find yourself

Feeling lost and out of place is not a novel thought to us youngsters. Thankfully, travelling gives the time you need to focus on yourself and make positive changes in life. Travelling is a journey of self-discovery. Get lost and find yourself.

Life is uncertain

Many younger people prioritize education, work, family and marriage over the quest to travel. However, none of us are guaranteed of old age. So travel while you have time and energy. Live life with no regrets.