Is your body detox long overdue?

We often overlook symptoms to be an ordinary human condition, we things we all experience regularly. Watch out if these symptoms visits you more often than they should. Feeling tired too often, getting constipated too regularly or feeling tensed? Looks like your body detox is long overdue. Detoxing may not fix all your symptoms, but it certainly can improve the situation.


Feeling tired

Feeling exhausted after eight hours of sleep? Depending on caffeine to keep you awake all day? This is probably because your detox is long past its due date. Toxins place extra stress on your body, making you feel exhausted and out of shape. Energy drinks and espresso shots is no more than an instant fix. A detox can erase out the toxins that prevent you from feeling energized.


Stiff muscles and sore joints

Unless you’ve been over doing your cross fit schedule or started a new gym plan recently, those stiff muscles and sore joints are an indication of toxic overload. Unless you flus these toxins out, they pile up in many places making your joints and muscles sore. Next time you wake up and feel like you’ve been hit by a bus, know it’s time for a body detox.



Although we all have sleepless nights once in a while, regular insomnia usually point towards toxic overloading and hormonal imbalance. When your body is kept in an unnatural state constantly, which is usually the case if your body is overloaded with toxins, you may find yourself out of sync with the usual way of life. This will result in you staying up till mid night or waking up past your usual time, or feeling you need more sleep than your usual sleeping hours.


Regular headaches

The cause behind headaches are easy to figure out. But what if you are experiencing regular unexplained headaches? Your body is probably trying to indicate a higher than usual toxic load. Headaches are a pretty easy way to know that something is not quite right.



Our feelings mostly depends on how we feed our system. While certain food can list our spirits up, depriving your body of important nutrients can leave you feeling low. By consuming low quality non organic food for years, you are unknowingly feeding your system with toxins that affect your body functions. These toxins hamper the absorption of important nutrients, making you feel exhausted and stressed out. However, there is a clear difference between feeling low and clinical depression. If you feel it’s the latter, it is important to get specialized help.



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