Kickstart your day right: Three simple tips for a healthy morning routine

Part of a productive morning is to fine-tune what you do as you wake up. The mix of morning routines are plenty, so whether your mornings are usually made of uncertain random events or if you already have a fixed flow of activities, it never hurts to make few changes in your morning routine to the most of your morning and make a productive launch pad into the rest of the day. These are three simple healthy ideas to incorporate to your morning routine and your body will thank you in the long run.


Stimulate your viscera

Drinking a glass of warm lemon detox water as you wake up is the best way to wake your body up. Lemon water is an excellent way to lubricate your internal organs and set your mood for the rest of the day. Citric acid in lemon activates bile and proper stomach acid production, and this helps to rehydrate your body and flush the digestive system, cleansing your liver, making your body perform its tasks effectively. By improving digestion, lemon water makes your skin clean and healthy.  Vitamin C in lemon boost your immune system and stimulates adrenaline glands, resulting in reducing effects of stress. Lemon water is also assist in weight loss


Do a simple workout routine

A simple stretching or yoga routine, or a small walk in the morning is a perfect way to wake up your muscles and prepare them to what lies ahead of you. Pay attention to your body. Reshape stretching exercises to be in sync with what your body want. If you don’t exercise regularly, practice a simple morning stretching routine until your body gets used to it, and try your hand at a simple yoga routine. Working out as soon as your alarm ring gets your stimulates your metabolism, improves your mental ability and pumps extra energy to keep you active all day long.


Don’t skip breakfast

A healthy breakfast is one of the best morning routines you can have! This helps you to kick start your metabolism and gives you the right amount of energy you need to keep going all day. Taking your breakfast within two hours after you wake up provides the right amount of nutrients your brain needs to function, and improves your cognitive functions and lift up your spirit.  A healthy balanced breakfast helps in weight control and improves concentration and physical endurance. If you’re trying to trying to cut down on your food intake, try going easy on dinner and not on breakfast.



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